This is a website created for all CR3 employees (or previous employees) to be able to stay in touch for either friendship or business purposes as we scatter throughout the states in new careers.

Most of this site is available only to registered users so in order to view and participate in most areas here, you must register.  You may register and begin to immediately use the site.

The main area of the site will be the forums.  Please participate in the forums as much as you can and post as much information as you can.  The website will only be as good as the members make it!

This site is actually a combination of a WordPress blog as well as phpBB forum software.  You register using the WordPress registration which will automatically create a phpBB user as well.  You may notice you have both a WordPress profile here as well as a phpBB profile here.  You may update both profiles but the information in the member list will come from your WordPress profile so please keep that one up to date and feel free to go to it and fill out your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts if you’d like to share those with others.

The picture gallery here is for you to use and upload your CR3 pics.  The picture gallery is part of phpBB and you have options in your phpBB profile that you may update and change, such as creating your own personal album.  Please do use the picture gallery and upload the pics you have gathered over the years.  These, like most other items here, will only be visible to registered CR3 Friends members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Brent Franker.  Thanks!

Also, just so it is clear, this webpage is not affiliated with CR3/Duke/Progress Energy.  It has been created by an employee for other past and present employees.  The views and information posted or expressed on this website are those of the particular individual and do not necessarily reflect the views of CR3/Duke/Progress Energy.

  2 Responses to “About”

  1. I have been out of the plant since May, 2000 and many names are new to me. So many of my co-workers have chosen to move on long before Duke. Still, I am dismayed so see that the cadre of great operators are being spread around the country. Seeing some at the reunion was great! I wish there were more.


    • Hey Paul! Glad to see you found this website :) I missed you at the Canyon Party… I had to work that night so wasn’t able to go. I’m sure I’ll see you around sometime… if you stop enjoying your retirement so much stay in town for a bit. LOL

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